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Dear Wren Friends,

WOW! What a snowstorm during the Waterford Mott Show! We had 12" at our home. It was a fun and interesting pack-up of the trailer. Thanks cannot begin to express how much we appreciated the help from the Band Students to set-up and the parent who helped us load the trailer. It was an awesome blessing from above. Riley and Jadyn were a huge help too! The trip home was adventurous at best. Our truck and trailer ended up stuck in the drive and there it sat until Sunday after lots of snowblowing and shoveling. Mom was watching out the upstairs window and said it was something to see. Safe and sound at home - prayers answered.

It's busy in the barn as new and fun items are being created. We have more ideas than shows left - the story of our lives. The girls are looking forward to the Clarkston show, Dec. 5-6. It is one of their personal favorites. They really enjoy helping Leslie and Bonnie from Keepsake Collection Shows. We hope to see you there. Okay, it's back to the painting and creating. Have a good night's rest - Bob and I will be busy in the barn for a while longer. Mom said to have plenty for her to do tomorrow.

The last show of the season will be in Northville at the Community Center, December 11-13. See our Events page for details.

We hope to see you in Clarkston this weekend!


Bob and Peggy, Mom, Riley, Jadyn and Gracie too
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