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Dear Wren Friends,

Spring, Winter, Spring, Winter, the weather just can't make up its mind. It is wonderful to see all the beautiful blossoms, green grass and the spring leaf colors. God is painting an awesome picture. A little more sunshine would be a welcome change. Our prayers go out to so many that have been dealing with flooding and tornado damage. We have so much to be thankful for.

The surgery Peggy had in March took a little longer to recover from than the first one. She tried to laugh, but some days it was hard to even find the energy for that. The last couple of weeks there has been a huge improvement. Praying, time, and rest were her best friends. She is so blessed to have had all the support and prayers from so many. Thank you!

It's hard to believe it is already May. The girls only have about two months of school left. Jadyn is on her eighth grade trip to Washington D.C. She is having a great time, but will certainly come home exhausted. Riley said today she can't believe how quickly this year has gone by. Next year she will be in eleventh grade. We can't believe it either...shows we are getting a bit older too.

Mom and Peggy have been enjoying visiting with friends and family as Peggy has been healing. mom has been a huge help with so many things around our home. She is always giving a helping hand and lots of encouragement.

Bob and Peggy have been in the barn creating new and one of a kind crafts - Americana ladders, windows, milk cans, stools, stars, roosters and garden flowers are a few of our newly created items. We hope you can visit us at the Clarkston High School Show this coming Saturday. Happy Mother's Day to all of our Wren Friends.

We'll have an updated show listing on our Events page soon.


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