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Dear Wren Friends,

This Saturday, May 3rd, is the Clarkston High School Spring Art & Craft Show presented by Keepsake Collection Shows. Details are below and our 2014 show schedule can be found on the events page.

Gracie the greyhoundSo many of you have been asking aout our beautiful, graceful and comical greyhound, Gracie. Every day with her is full of gentleness and laughter. She loves to carry around her "babies" as we affectionately call her toys. Sometimes she whines and wanders around the house with them, other times she just squeaks them. She especially loves it when Riley and Jadyn play with her and toss the toys around for her to fetch. Her favorite is a white dog with black spots. It looks like our first female grey named Whodo. Gracie thinks all the couches belong to her so she gets an affectionate scolding most days. There are four big, soft dog beds, so we discourgae the couches. Spring is an adventure with her as she has selective hearing when it comes to calling her back in the house - unless she thinks there are treats involved - even then the smell of cirtters is more important. Our boss in the barn is definately Gracie. If we're heading out there to work, she's coming along to snooze and of course be covered up with a blanet. Mom loves to come and stay with her. Gracie keeps her eyes on mom too - she's pretty sure a walk is involved. Gracie's birthday is May 5th - she will be a young 10 years old.

Thanks for asking about Gracie - we love to share her with you.

Hope to see you in Clarkston Saturday or along the way at another show.Gracie the greyhound

Bob and Peggy
Riley and Jadyn
Mom and Gracie too!




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