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Dear Wren Friends,

Spring has finally sprung! Of course we live in Michigan and you never know what tomorrow will bring, but for now, we're enjoying this beauitful spring weather. We pray that you enjoyed the winter months. A pair of pileated woodpeckers have been making nest holes in our tree with the swing. What an amazing gift from God to experience these magnificent birds working away. They are right out our kitchen window, so we have a bird's-eye view (LOL).

Riley and Jadyn are happy to see the warm temperatures so they can practice their volleyball skills. Riley has to have knee surgery in April for tendonitis. She is not looking forward to the rehab, but will not miss the aching pain. Jadyn tried out for AAU volleyball and is waiting to hear. They have both enjoyed their youth groups at Woodside Bible Church during the winter. Jadyn really enjoyed the Winter Experience Camp up north in February.

Gracie slept away most of the winter, but was ready in a heart beat the minute we were heading out to the barn to work. The 12 inches of snow was not her favorite thing either. She had a time maneuvering the yard even with her long, skinny legs.

Mom took lots of walks this winter and read many interesting books. She said we needed to get her back to work or she would turn into a bookworm. She misses the stories from all of you in the off season.

We have been back in the barn creating, cutting, sanding, painting and sewing. It's so much fun to watch these new creations coming to life. We are looking forward to the spring shows.

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Bob and Peggy, Mom, Riley, Jadyn and Gracie too
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