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Dear Wren Friends,

Mom was so excited to receive the birthday cards you sent. She would check the mailbox daily (even Tuesdays when she NEVER received any mail). Once she opened and read them, she would call us to let us know how many she received and who they were from. When we would visit the next day, they would be in a pile for us to read and enjoy. They would then be placed on the Hoosier cabinet where they are still on display. Your time and kind words brought Mom so much joy. We only wish you could have seen her smiles and know how much it warmed her heart. Thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts. You are all such a blessing from God - we are happy to call you friends.

Bob will be stopping in from time to time at the show this weekend. He still needs more healing time and doesn't think he can get through a full day yet. He said he will try a few hours at a time. Healing is going well and the doctor is pleased with his progress. Working on some simple things in the barn takes a toll on him. Bob has also been working at a consulting firm a few hours a week from home; it helps pass the time and helps them keep up with their workload. So far, so good at running this healing marathon.

Riley and Jadyn were at Mission Camp "Hope Detroit and Hope Pontiac" from Woodside Bible Church last week. They stayed at Rochester College and then were bused in to their locations. Flip Camp for Kids was their assignment. Being counselors for kids was so much fun for them. It was an awesome time of laughter, bonding and sharing the Lord with others. This week was volleyball camp at Goodrich High School. Great coaches from all over the United States were there to teach and help them. What an awesome opportunity. they have been exhausted every night when they come home.

We are looking forward to the show in Frankenmuth this weekend. It is the Antique Firetruck Muster too. There is a parade on Saturday and it is always fun to see the trucks from all over. Hopefully you can come and enjoy all that Frankenmuth has to offer. It will be great to catch up with our Wren Friends. See you there!

Please note: we will NOT be at the West Branch Victorian Festival this year. With Bob's surgery, this year it is too much to keep up with. Thanks for understanding!

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Bob and Peggy, Mom, Riley and Jadyn
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