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Dear Wren Friends,

We have truly enjoyed catching up with you at the craft shows so far this year. Time is flying by so fast; it's hard to keep up with all the end of school activities, field trips, doctor appointments, and of course making crafts for you. Bob's thumb is improving and is almost healed, although he said it is truly a change of mindset when he is cutting. Not just the cutting, but holding on to the materials as well. It's amazing the many ways we use our thumbs that we don't realize until we lose part of one. It has been quite the effort to keep the wood creations going, but we will have a full booth of many new and unique items. Everyone has pitched in to make it happen. Mom is the driver behind this, because she is always calling and asking if we have anything ready for her to work on. It gets us going since we know she likes to stay busy.

Riley and Jadyn are doing well and are pitching in to get things finished up. They both have busy summers planned with church camps, cheer and volleyball camps, and learning to serve others by working at a Flip camp at Woodside Bible Chruch next week. They are developing into quite the young ladies. Riley will start high school in the fall and Jadyn will be in seventh grade. Wow! Unfortunately, they will not be with us at this show, but we hope they will be with us in July, if we can work out their activities.

We are looking forward to Frankenmuth. Keepsake Collection always does a wonderful job of putting together a great collection of vendors for you. It is always a great place to do shows, and we look forward to seeing as many of you that can make it up. I know.....why not take Dad for Father's Day dinner this weekend....just a thought.

Our 2015 show schedule will be available at the show and it can also be found on our Events page. Happy Father's Day - Sunday, June 21st.


Bob and Peggy, Mom, Riley, Jadyn and Gracie too
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