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Dear Wren Friends,

We hope your Christmas was wonderful. We needed a little help this year with our decorating, but that made it all the more fun. It was so nice to enjoy the Christmas lights in the evening and watch Christmas movies or spend time with family and friends.

Bob's surgery went well and he is doing pretty good. The intense pain he had before the surgery is gone. (Praise God for all of your prayers.) Bob will be resting for a full six weeks before he can start any rehab and no driving for a bit longer. Our family is so thankful for all of your prayers, support and friendship this past year. We all enjoyed seeing you, visiting and reading your emails. We were truly blessed with so many friends and family this year who helped us at home and at the shows while Bob struggled with partial knee replacement surgery and back pain. Without them, we would not have been able to do our shows. Thanks to the promoters of the shows for being so understanding and helpful with our special needs due to health issues. God is good all the time, and all the time God is good!

Mom made her lemon cookies for Christmas - awesome as always. She has been such a huge help in decorating and picking up the decorating mess. She is always a calm in any storm that comes our way. When Bob was in the hospital, she watched Gracie, who loves mom so much. They have a special bond, which usually involves walks.

Riley and Jadyn enjoyed decorating cookies at friends' homes, watching Christmas movies and going to church to learn about the true meaning of Christmas. It's fun to bake, prepare holiday meals and just snuggle together.

Happy New Year!


Bob and Peggy, Mom, Riley, Jadyn and Gracie too
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